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Why Change to 03?

Calls to 03 numbers are charged at the same rate as calls to standard UK landline numbers (those beginning 01 or 02), and Ofcom regulations state that 03 numbers must be included in bundled minute packages offered by your landline or mobile provider whenever landline calls are part of the package. This means that if your callers have available minutes in their bundles then 03 numbers are effectively free to call, and even out of bundle calls are much cheaper for your customers than calls to 084 or 087 numbers, yet still provide your business with a national presence. By changing to an 03 number, it is highly likely that you will increase customer engagement.

Benefits of an 03 Number

  • Increases the likelihood of customer interaction
  • Improves your customers’ image of your brand
  • Saves money for your customers
  • Maintains the prestige of having a national number
  • Has the potential to save money for your company as well

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